Who To Turn To For Help

If you are concerned about yourself or somebody else gambling, there are a number of people and places that can offer you some invaluable assistance, including:

  • Family doctor/pediatrician
  • Clergy or spiritual advisor
  • Guidance counselor or other school administrator
  • A trusted family friend or relative

Public service agencies like the following:



Support Groups

 Gaming Recovery APPS

 Squash the Gaming Monster – Self help tips to beat your gaming addiction. Ebuzz developer

 Ebook: The Gamer’s Relief – for Apple 

 Internet Dependency Recovery APP
  •   http://anti-social.cc/ – blocking app for social networking sites appropriate for internet dependent clients
  •   http://macfreedom.com/ – app which blocks internet access on Windows, Mac, and   Android devices.

Screeners/Assessment Tools
Dr. Kimberly Young
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Just remember: You are not alone!

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