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youth gambling

Youth Gambling

Why talk to Youth about Gambling? Studies indicate that Youth establish gambling patterns at an early age, often in the elementary school years. As youth get older these patterns advance with higher value items and an increasing number of games of chance. Evolving technology also allows youth to easily gain access to gambling activities. In addition, youth are at an increased risk of developing a gambling problem due to their risk taking and developing decision making skills.

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Positive play

Positive Play

YGAP workshops encourage informed decision making in regards to gambling and other high risk activities. Using a harm reduction approach YGAP aims to provide participants with accurate information and strategies to keep game play positive.

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Youth Engagement

Through partnerships with the community members and groups, YGAP aims to facilitate youth driven initiatives to promote youth expression and community action related to youth gambling.

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YGAP is excited to launch in #ThunderBay and #Kenora for the first time! Here’s a peak into the very first community event held in Thunder Bay, YGAP partnered with @nogreasearchhub to host a gambling meet n greet for the community! #YGAPOnt ... See MoreSee Less

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YGAP shared Bell Let's Talk's Bell Let's Talk Day 2018 Official Video. ... See MoreSee Less

Today, every view counts. Simply watch and share this video. Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives for every view. #BellLetsTalk

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YGAP shared Bell Cause pour la cause's Bell Cause pour la cause 2018 - vidéo officielle. ... See MoreSee Less

Aujourd’hui, tous les visionnements comptent. Il suffit de regarder et de partager cette vidéo. Pour chaque visionnement, Bell versera 5 ¢ pour des initiatives en santé mentale. #BellCause

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If you are in the Durham region check out this event tomorrow! Hear first-hand a story of addiction + stigma. Attend #DurhamRegion’s Mental Health + Addiction Awareness Forum. Find additional #employment, #housing and #mentalhealth resource information. Details: ymcagta.org/find-a-y/whitby-garden-street-ymca-centre#forum ... See MoreSee Less

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Latest newsletters in YGAP:

Newsletters_ 2016

 icon-file-text-o Winter 2016_Sports betting

This newsletter includes:

  • Pro-Line
  • Spread Betting
  • Les Paris Sportifs
  • Horse Racing in Ontario
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Word Search

Newsletters_ 2015

  icon-file-text-o Fall 2015_Video gaming

This newsletter includes:

  • Video Game Addictions
  •  Les écrans pour les enfants d’âge préscolaires
  • Professional Video Gaming
  • eSport Gaming
  •  YMCA YGAP Updates
  • Video Game Gambling
  • Word Scramble
  • Tips for Speding Money Online

 icon-file-text-o Summer 2015_New in research and gambling

This newsletter includes:

  • Brain Development and Addiction
  • Competitive High School Sports and Gambling
  • Resilience- the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness
  • Youth, Facebook and Poker: Making Sense of Taking Chances
  • A reflection on Calvin & Hobbes – Lucky Rocketship Underpants
  • Activities

 icon-file-text-o Spring 2015_Online gambling

This newsletter includes:

  • Online Safeguard
  • PlayOLG
  • Online Sports Betting
  • Too Much of a Good Thing
  • YGAP In Your Community
  • Activities

Newsletters_ 2014

 icon-file-text-o Winter 2014_Social gaming

This newsletter includes:

  • What is Social Gaming?
  • Convergence of Social Media & Gambling
  • Live Video Gaming: Risks & References to Gambling
  • Help & Ressources
  • YGAP In Your Community
  • Activities

 icon-file-text-o Fall 2014_Financial literacy

This newsletter includes:

  • Gambling Social Costs & Benefits
  • Conséquences du jeu problématique
  • Gambler’s View of Money
  • Gambling Myths
  • Activities

 icon-file-text-o Summer 2014_Provincial newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • What is YGAP? (Youth Gambling Awareness Program)
  • What are Youth Gambling On/With?
  •  Teens: Gambling’s Thrill
  • The Importance of Gambling Awareness and Education

Newsletter_ 2013

 icon-file-text-o Fall 2013_Provincial newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • Un peu de Francais!
  • Sports wagering
  • Betting on video games

 icon-file-text-o Summer 2013_Provincial newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • YGAP Summer Programming
  • YGAP Community Partnerships
  • Understanding probabilities to make informed choices


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